Permit Expediting
  • Coordinate pre-design and submittal meeting with design team and city
  • Obtain/ research existing and previous building permit information that is required for new permit applications
  • Help assist design team in completing all permit applications and checklists
  • Provide "lessons learned" from previous projects to minimize risk with any potential road blocks
  • Coordinate required information from contractors/ owners & designers to ccalculate permit intake fees and remaining permit fees.
  • Coordinate permit intakes with the design team and city
  • Schedule intake appointments
  • Review submittal package with design team prior to intake to ensure all elements have been addressed for a successfully intake. Nothing is more important than your project submittal being accepted on the teams scheduled date.

Submittal To City
  • Coordinate & facilitate permit submittal to the city with design team member, or if desired, submit on behalf of design team.
  • Notify all team members of permit #, submittal date and target comment issuance dates from various city review departments. Knowing these target submittal dates are critical, as designers can schedule for the date and develop responses ASAP. If these dates are unknown, the team may not be able to respond as quick as possible.
Post Submittal To City
  • Coordinate comment issuance with all team members. More times than not, bldg comments will be issued and will have an effect on the mechanical design. We ensure that this is communicated to reduce risk of non addressed issues.
  • Review response submittal with design team prior to response submittal date with the city. This cursory review provides an additional set of eyes to ensure all comments have been addressed.
  • Gently sheppard permit through city process and different review durations
  • Provide Bi-weekly permit status updates to design team and city. All members are more efficient with known target dates such as the city and design team.
  • Coordinate impact fees with City & KC
  • Coordinate any additional bi product permits such as KC Health permits, etc)
  • Calculate remaining permit fees and submit check request to Owner or desired firm.
Permit Issuance
  • Submit remaining fees to city.
  • Pickup issued permit and approved drwgs
  • Have copies made for owner, design team and archive.
  • Deliver original permit and drawings to contractor on site.
  • Deliver copies to associated parties
  • Send out notification and copy of permit to the team that the permit has been issued.

  • Coordinate revisions with design team, contractor, field inspector and city plans reviewer if necessary. Small revisions can be approved out in the field, larger revisions typically require plan review. This process is similar to submitting for a new permit. We will coordinate and calculate permit intake fees, coordinate and schedule intake date and submit on behalf of the design team if requested. Tracking the revision is similar to a new permit, comment/ response cycle may occur if the city has questions on the revision. We'll notify the owner of the remaining revision fee (if any) and submit a check request. When review is complete, the city will issue the revision. We'll have copies of the revision made and ensure that the contractors "site permit set" receives/ inserts the city approved revision.
Permits & Bonds that we can help manage and expedite:

(our service and efforts are not limited to the below)

  • Building S&C (Shell & Core) Permits
  • Building TI (Tenant Improvement) Permit
  • Mechanical Permits
  • Plumbing Permit
  • Electrical Permits
  • Fire Alarm Permits
  • Fire Sprinkler Permits
  • IFC Permits
  • Assembly Permits
  • Demo Permits
  • C&G (Clear & Grade) Permits
  • Fire Suppression Permits
  • Fire Hydrant Meter Permits
  • Clear and Grade Permits
  • ROW (Right of Way) Use Permits
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Sign Permits
  • King County Dept of Health Permits
  • WSDOT Permits
  • Water Meter Permits
  • Side Sewer Permits
  • Cash Bonds
  • Performance Bonds
  • Landscaping Bonds
  • Tree Preservation Bonds
  • Tree Retention Bonds
  • Maintenance Bonds
  • Street Cleaning Bonds

We work with surveyor & civil engineer thru the permit review process. Once the city has approved the easements, we coordinate review and approval by the owner - then submit to KC for recording and deliver original back to city and copies to owner and design team for their records.

Impact Fees

We work closely with the cities and the design team to identify if there will be associated impact fees and possibly credits that can be applied from DA's or from bldgs that have recently been demo'd.

Water/Sewer/Storm Review And Inspections Fees

We work closely with the design team to determine what LF of mains are being installed per the civil drwgs and coordinate review and approval by city staff to determine fees.

Water Meter & Side Sewer Fees

This is part of our budget forecast that we provide the owner to ensure that any credits are obtained from demo activities and capture new fees as soon as possible as fees are constantly increasing.

City Permit Experience:
- Auburn
- Cheney
- Vancouver
- Enumclase
- Everett
- Enumclaw
- Federal Way
- Mill Creek
- Longview
- Mt Vernon
- Seatac
- Snohomish
- Tacoma
- Spokane
- Bothell
- Issaquah
- Bellevue
- Des Moines
- Bellingham
- Maple Valley
- Richland
- Pasco
- Lynnwood
- Shoreline
- Stanwood
- Tumwater
- Seattle
- Redmond
- Kirkland
- Renton
- Issaquah
- Bellevue
- Kent
Washington County Permit:   Other Washington Work:
- King
- Pierce
- Snohomish
- Kitsap
- Clark
- Spokane
- Thurston
- Benton
- Whatcom
- Kittitas
- Skagit
- Cowlitz
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